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Tiktok will shut down its business in India, will continue talks with the government

Chinese social media company ByteDance has announced to consolidate its business in India.

Chinese social media company ByteDance has announced to consolidate its business in India. Also, the company will reduce the number of its 2,000 employees in India to a minimum. However, the company has said that it will continue negotiations with the Indian government. The company’s popular video app TicketTalk has been banned in India. There is uncertainty about the company’s return to India.

The company is reducing its workforce in India

Global interim head of Ticktock, Vanessa Pappas and Vice President of Global Business Solutions Blake Chandlee, in an email to employees told about the company’s decision that the team was downsizing and that the decision was taken by India’s All employees will be affected. ByteDance sources said that the company is reducing its workforce in India.

The company will work in select departments in India like Legal, Administration, Human Resources and Accounts etc. with minimum staff. With these employees, she will work with the settlement and liaise with the government. Officials expressed uncertainty over the company’s return to India, but said that there is a hope of this happening in the coming time.

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Information given to employees

According to a source in ByteDance, the company organized a town hall on Wednesday, where it told about the closure of India’s business. The employees have been offered three months salary and one month salary for every one year of work in the company. Company officials said they do not know when they will return to India. However, he hoped that he would be able to do so in the coming time. When a spokesperson of Tiktok was contacted about this, he said that the company is following the order of the Government of India issued on June 29, 2020.

The spokesman said that it is targeting that despite his efforts during these seven months, he was not clearly told when his apps would be able to start again. It is unfortunate that after supporting over 2,000 of our employees in India for six months, we have no choice but to cut the workforce. The spokesperson said that they would wait for the opportunity to re-start Tiktok in India. The government had banned 59 apps in June last year. These include TicketTock and Hello App of ByteDance.

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