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Raymond’s new offering VIRASAFE, the largest antiviral category of fabrics for suitings and shirting

With over 600 options, the first company to offer a wide range of anti-viral fabrics has proved that VIRASAFE has anti-virus components that help VIRASAFE fabric neutralize viruses and bacteria. Which is best to wear for the office. To spread the new category of information to more and more people, a wider media campaign will be run along with TVC and all digital mediums will be emphasized for today’s digital-savvy generation. WiRaSafe is available at The Raymond Shops and multi-brand outlets across the country.

Agra: India’s leading textile and clothing manufacturer and retailer Raymond’s new range of anti-viral fabrics is attracting customers like ViaraSafe. Raymond’s wide range of products to date include Wirasafe’s very effective range of anti-shirting and suiting wire fabrics. It is excellent and extremely suitable for daily wear by corporate professionals, service professionals and medical professionals. Raymond, the favourite fabric brand of millions of Indians, believes that by introducing a new range of anti-viral fabrics with excellent performance capabilities, the brand has assured customers that it can now resume its daily work life. Research has shown that germs on the surface of clothes can remain active for two days. This fabric is 100% effective on avian influenza (HSN1), SARS coronavirus (COV – P8-P11) and influenza virus (H1N1).

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Antiviral procedures/finishes have been carried out on clothes that reduce the risk of transmission and infection of microbes in significant amounts and prevent them from spreading. About this innovation of the brand, Mr. VP and Head of Sales and Distribution Sales. Ram Bhatnagar stated, “The VIRASAFE category has received very good response from our trade channels and institutional buyers. This is a result of our product innovation and the trust we have built in the minds of customers over the past several years. Now the market is opening, we hope that people will like this anti-viral fabric very much because today people have become very cautious and are buying products that provide adequate protection in the new normal condition. ”

VIRASAFE uses silver technology, which is effective on many types of microbes, so these clothes protect you from germs throughout the day. This fabric finish has been recognized by the USFDA, UACEPA and NSF and is ideal for safety. Raymond has made more than 600 suiting and shirting fabrics in this category with prices ahead of Rs 487. WiRaSafe is available at all major multi-brand outlets across The Raymond Shops across the country.

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