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Rakesh Jhunjhunwala increases stake in Agrotech Food, Lupine; Tata Motors also included in the portfolio

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Portfolio: Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, considered a stock market investor, has made a new investment in Tata Motors in the September quarter. Jhunjhunwala bought 4 crore shares of this company in the September quarter. With this, his stake in Tata Motors has increased to 1.29 per cent. He has increased his stake in Agrotech Limited and Lupine. Bought 7 lakh new shares of Agrotech Food in the September quarter. At the same time, it has increased 0.06 percent stake in Fama Company Lupine. At the same time, some shares have been sold in Titan Company. This information has been received from the filing of till now for the September quarter.

Focus on Tata Motors

Jhunjhunwala has bought 40 million shares of Tata Motors and has joined the major shareholders of the company. He had a 1.29 per cent stake in the company at the end of September. He also holds a good stake in other Tata group companies. Tata Motors is a Tata group company. At the current price of Rs 127.35, they have a total value of 509.4 crore shares of Tata Motors.

Tata Motors up 100% sinc

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Tata Motors has gained 100 percent from its March low. In March, the stock made a low of Rs 63, while now it has reached the price of Rs 126. Talking about Friday, there is a slight decline in Tata Motors and it is trading almost flat at a price of Rs 126.60. The stock closed at Rs 127 on Thursday. Talking about this year, the stock has weakened from Rs 184 to Rs 126, which means a decline of 31 per cent or 60 rupees.

Jhunjhunwala’s investment in this company, know how many crores of rupees

Sales increased in September quarter, mixed opinion on the stock

Tata Motors’ domestic sales grew 37 per cent year-on-year in September and stood at 44444 units. The benefit of low base was found in PV sales and if it has increased, the sales of commercial vehicles have decreased by 11 percent. The company is benefiting from better supply chain.

Opinions about share are mixed. Brokerage house Motilal Oswal has given a target of Rs 226 while recommending buy in the stock. At the same time, brokerage house Prabhudas Liladhar has set a target of Rs 108, recommending a hold. Global brokerage firm Nomura has suggested reducing investment in Tata Motors shares.

Agrotech Food, Lupine

Agrotech Food, recovering from Covid, has given 102 per cent returns since March. Rakesh Jhunjhunuwala has increased 7 lakh shares of Agrotech Food in his portfolio in the quarter. He now holds 1,953,259 shares of the company, compared to 1,253,259 shares in the June quarter. Their stake has increased by 2.87 per cent to 8.01 per cent. The value of shares at current price is 137.7 crores. At the same time, it has increased its stake in Lupine by 0.06 per cent to 1.53 per cent. He holds 6,945,605 shares of Lupine, whose value at the current price is 717.4 crores.

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Source: www.financialexpress.com

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