Preparations are being made vigorously to open schools, the government is working on this master plan

Preparations are being made vigorously to open schools, the government is working on this master plan

The government is slowly preparing to open schools. NITI Aayog has suggested to the government that before this, 1.5 crore teachers of the whole country should get corona vaccination. For this, it has been suggested to use CSR funds of companies.

So far 75 lakh teachers have been vaccinated.

Amidst the decreasing wave of corona infection in the country, the idea of ​​opening a school is under consideration. Many states have even opened schools. In the midst of all this, the government has asked the Association of Private Hospitals (AHPI) i.e. Association of Healthcare Providers to explore the possibility regarding the vaccination of about 75 lakh teachers across the country. NITI Aayog member Dr VK Paul has said to raise money under CSR from different companies and vaccinate them free of cost in their private hospital network across the country.

Before opening the school, it is necessary to vaccinate all the employees including the teachers. In this regard, the government has given the responsibility of exploring the possibility to the Association of Healthcare Providers of Hospitals for the vaccination of teachers. According to the information received by TV 9 Bharatvarsh, there are about 1.5 crore teachers across the country. About half of these teachers have been vaccinated. APHI has submitted proposal for CSR fund to 6 companies including Amazon.

to keep children safe

APHI Director General Girdhar Giani said that Dr Vinod Paul made a suggestion and said that since AHPI has a large network of hospitals, so these hospitals should jointly launch the Vaccination Program for teachers. Vaccination is a part of CSR activity so why not AHPI offer this to the donors who can give to this fund.

why is it necessary

After the results of the recently conducted fourth sero survey, the talk of opening schools started gaining momentum. A significant number of infections were confirmed in children and in such a situation they are not at much risk. Along with this, schools have started opening in many such countries of the world where the second wave of COVID is coming to an end. By the way, it is the effort of the government that all the teachers should be vaccinated, which will reduce the risk of infection in children.

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