NPS Rule: From April 1, 2020, eNPS will be mandatory for all government employees, know all the details

NPS Rule: From April 1, 2020, eNPS will be mandatory for all government employees, know all the details

Now it is necessary for government employees to contribute to NPS through eNPS

It may now be mandatory for the employees of the Central, State and Autonomous Bodies to open an NPS account through ‘eNPS-Government’. All employees will be able to register for NPS through ‘eNPS-Government’. The government can make it mandatory from the next financial year. Record keeping central agencies will soon start preparations for ‘e NPS for Government’.

Account transfer facility on eNPS

PFRDA has sought feedback from the nodal agencies of the government in this regard so that government employees can be registered for NSP through e-NPS (eNPS-Government). In the event of transfer of employees from one sector to another, there will also be a facility for transfer of NPS account through digital platform.

This is how eNPS registration will be done

1. Through Aadhar Online/Offline e-KYC- Under this, the subscriber will get the facility to register himself in e-NPS through Aadhaar based KYC.

2. PAN. Under this option, the subscriber will have to submit the necessary documents of his PAN and KYC.

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What is eNPS?

eNPS is an online platform on which a subscriber can register and contribute to NPS. This platform is hosted by NSDL-CRA on behalf of NPS Trust. At present, any employee, whether in the government or private sector, can register in it. On this, all the registered subscribers including government employees (who have active PRAN) have the facility to make online contribution and activate Tier 2 account.

Under eNPS, government employees (under the purview of NPS) get the facility of online registration in NPS. Along with this, they are also given the facility to generate Permanent Retirement Account Number ie PRAN online. The process of eNPS is paperless. In this, a digital signature is required for registration.

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