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Hurun Global 500: 2.2 million employees working at Walmart, TCS included in top 10 employers

There are 22 lakh people employed in Walmart and 4.18 lakh people in TCS.

Hurun Global 500 Top 10 Employers: According to the Hurun Global 500 list, Walmart provides employment to the most people worldwide. The Walmart company, valued at 43.25 thousand crore dollars (31.62 lakh crore rupees), has given employment to about 22 lakh people. Four companies are in the top 10 employees worldwide. One Indian company is also included in the list of top 10 employers in the world. Tata Consultancy Service (TCS) ranks ninth on this list. TCS, valued at $ 13.9 thousand crores (Rs 10.16 lakh crore), employs 4.18 lakh personnel.
Talking about the companies providing the least employment, only 1942 people are employed in South Korean company Celtnon. Talking about the smallest employees, seven out of 10 companies are from America.

4.3 crore jobs in 500 companies

The 500 companies included in the Hurun Global 500 employ 43 million people around the world. More than 1 lakh employees have been employed in 124 companies of this list, of which Walmart has given employment to 22 lakh people. China’s Hon High Precision Industry (Foxconn) has given employment to about 8 lakh people. Less than 10 thousand companies are employed in 77 companies included in the Hurun list.

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TCS employs 4.18 lakh personnel

The country’s largest information technology company TCS ranks ninth in the list in terms of employment. There are 4.18 employees employed in this company. Tata Consultancy Services contributes about 75 per cent to the profits of the Tata Group and it holds 80-85 per cent of the Tata Group’s market cap. The IPO of TCS came in July 2004 and it was the largest IPO of any private company at that time. TCS shares closed at Rs 3233.75 on the NSE and Rs 3233.60 on the BSE on Friday, 15 January.

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