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E-commerce sector will generate more than 3 lakh in the country before the festive season

  • Amazon creates more than 1 lakh jobs before festive season
  • Recruitment will be done to increase demand and complete delivery on time
  • Number of shoppers is increasing continuously in Tier 2 cities
  • E-commerce will create 3 lakh jobs in country before festive season

new Delhi. In view of the upcoming festive season, e-tailing majors such as Amazon and Flipkart as well as third party logistics firms are also increasing delivery capabilities by investing in warehousing infrastructure and hiring additional on-ground staff. According to a report in the media, due to the epidemic, the trust of people is much greater from digital and online. Due to which the gross merchandise value figure in online festival sales is expected to touch $ 7 billion. Also 3 lakh jobs are expected to be created.

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Daily shipment will increase in festive season

period Daily Shipment Growth (In Million)
Pro-covid 3.7
Post-covid 5.1
Festive season 22

Chances of increase in shipment

Daily e-commerce shipment to India was 3.7 million in the months before the Corona virus, which has increased to 5.1 million in August-September. Daily shipments in the festive season are likely to touch 22 million. The year before, daily shipments were 12 million. Bumper sales are expected this year, with e-tailers working primarily on supply chains and hiring for logistics operations. Walmart-owned Flipkart recently said it would employ 70,000 employees for supply chain operations and the flagship Big Billion Days sale program ahead of the festive season in October.

Shipment in festive season will increase compared to last year

year Number of shipments (in million)
2019 95
2020 150

Where many jobs

Flipkart is already undergoing training in customer service, delivery, installation and safety and sanitation standard. At the same time, Amazon India is also hiring for supply chain operations. To speed up delivery, Amazon has set up 200 new stations across the country before the festival sale. According to a report, 60 per cent of the new recruitment will be in delivery and logistics, the rest will be done in customer service and warehousing operations. E-commerce platforms will contribute 70 per cent of the total recruitments this festive season. While 30 per cent of the recruitments will be done by logistics firms, such as Delhivery, Ecom Express and Shadowfax.

Amazon creates 1 lakh jobs before the festive season, demand fulfilled

Shoppers increased in Tier 2 city

Type of city Shoppers in 2019 (in percent) Shoppers in 2020 (in percent)
Metro 36 35
Tier 1 20 19
Tier 2 44 46

Metro City to Tier 2 City

In a media report, Mrigank Gutagutia, director of e-commerce at Redseer Consulting, said that e-commerce logistics has to meet the changing expectations of customers. While the shoppers of Metro City do not hesitate to pay much for immediate delivery, on the other hand shoppers in Tier 1 cities are willing to wait a day or two for good deals. Therefore, e-commerce firms have to balance expectations through third-party logistics partners and run trials for hyperlocal delivery. He said that after festive season the share of hyperlocal delivery could be 10% of the entire e-commerce shipment.

Companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Ecom Express will give 3 lakh jobs in the festive season! Know what the report says

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