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Crypto-aware Country: India is among the top 10 countries in terms of awareness about crypto, leaving countries like Australia, Germany behind

India among top 10 nations with most awareness in cryptocurrenciesThere is a craze of people in India about other cryptocurrencies including bitcoin.

Crypto-aware Country : Even though the Modi government is preparing to bring a bill to monitor cryptocurrencies, but still the craze of other cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, remains in India. Based on total global searches, number of crypto owners, Global Crypto Adoption Index and other factors in the last 12 months, India is currently the seventh most ‘crypto-aware’ country. This has come to the fore in a recent report by broker discovery and comparison platform BrokerChooser. According to the report, 50 countries of the world were included in this study conducted regarding the awareness of crypto among the people of the country.

what does the report say

According to the report, India scored 4.39 out of 10 in the Crypto Awareness Score. India left behind countries like Australia, Singapore, Canada, France, Germany and Japan in this matter. Ukraine topped the chart with 7.97 points. It is followed by Russia, USA, Kenya, South Africa and UK. Globally searched sentences about cryptocurrencies are – cryptocurrency, what cryptocurrency to invest in, cryptocurrency to buy, cryptocurrency trading, cryptocurrency trends, and cryptocurrency brokers.

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The results related to the total crypto searches, the number of crypto owners and the Global Crypto Adoption Index are also interesting under this report. India ranks second in terms of the number of total crypto searches (about 36 lakhs), while the US is at number one in this matter. In terms of the number of crypto owners, India is at the top after the US and Russia with over 100 million owners. In August this year, India was ranked second among 154 countries in the 2021 Global Crypto Adoption Index by Chainalysis.

Crypto is playing an important role in employment

Apart from this, crypto is also playing an important role in terms of job creation. Nasscom, in partnership with crypto exchange WazirX, said in a report published last month that the industry has the potential to create more than 8 lakh jobs by 2030, while the size of the industry is expected to reach $241 million by 2030. So far, $6.6 billion has been invested in crypto by Indian retail investors.

(Article : Sandeep Soni)

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