Big e-commerce companies will not be able to do the loss of small shopkeepers, the government made this great plan

In view of the ongoing controversy regarding e-commerce companies, now like social media companies, e-commerce companies are also considering appointing grievance officers.

Ignoring the rules doing e-commerce.

The small businessmen of the country, especially the retail traders, have always been afraid that their business has been ruined due to online e-commerce companies. The business organizations of the country have been continuously opposing it. For this, business organizations have also appealed to the government. But now there is nothing to worry about. Now the small shopkeepers of the country will not have to suffer due to e-commerce companies. In fact, the government has made it clear that the center is committed to the protection of consumers and small shopkeepers. The government has assured that the rules are being made strict in this regard.

Giving information in the Lok Sabha, Union Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal has said that the government is constantly monitoring the e-commerce rules and the government is committed to strengthen it. In this episode, the government is now considering appointing grievance officers in e-commerce companies like social media companies.

Many important steps have been taken

Union Minister Piyush Goyal said that the government has taken many steps to stop the arbitrariness of e-commerce companies. Goyal said that there is a big concern in the country regarding this issue. Piyush Goyal has made it clear in the House on this matter that Prime Minister Modi’s instruction is that the consumer should be protected and the small shopkeepers should not suffer. Goyal said that the government is very serious about the rules and no consumer or shopkeeper should fall under any guise.

what is the matter

Actually, e-commerce companies have been adopting various tactics to earn more profit. Which has been opposed many times by the business organizations of the country. The government has made it clear that under the new rules, all types of agreements between the platform and sellers registered on the platform should be disclosed in a transparent manner, including disclosure of all information about the seller and products to the consumer at the pre-purchase stage. should be done. In addition, the search algorithm used by e-commerce marketplaces should also have transparency.

country’s business united

To stop the arbitrariness of e-commerce companies, the traders of the country have opened the front. These traders allege that a large number of e-commerce entities are still engaged in fraudulent transactions and defrauding consumers across the country. Large global e-tailers on the other hand are in gross violation of government law and policy by committing predatory pricing, loss financing, deep discounting and various other activities which are strictly prohibited under the policy and cause harm to consumers. Huh.

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