Adi Godrej will resign as the chairman of Godrej Industries, the responsibility given to younger brother Nadir Godrej

Adi Godrej will resign as the chairman of Godrej Industries, the responsibility given to younger brother Nadir Godrej

Adi Godrej to resign as chairman of Godrej Industries Limited

Veteran industrialist Adi Godrej will soon resign as the chairman of Godrej Industries Limited. Apart from this, he will also cease to be the board of directors of the company. However, 79-year-old Adi will take over as the chairman of Godrej Group and chairman Emirates of Godrej Industries. His younger brother Nadir Godrej will be the new chairman of the company. A company statement said that Nadir Godrej will take over as chairman from October 1. The company has told in the information given to the regulator that Nadir Godrej will continue to hold the post of Managing Director of the company.

Adi Godrej said, it is an honor to work in the company for 40 years

Giving information about his resignation, Adi Godrej said that it is a matter of great honor for him that he has worked in the company for 4 decades. I express my gratitude to the board for the support and guidance given to me. He said, “I would also like to thank all the members of my team, who have helped me achieve success with passion, tremendous commitment and hard work. I would like to thank all our business partners, shareholders, investors and business communities for their contribution. I am sure that we have good years ahead. I congratulate Nadir and my team for this exciting journey. “

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Daughter Nisaba Godrej is handling the responsibility of Godrej Consumer Goods

Godrej Industries Limited is the holding company of Godrej Group, which is active in consumer goods, real estate, agriculture, chemical and other sectors through its subsidiary companies. These companies are doing business in 18 countries. Adi Godrej had announced on August 4 that he would step down from the board of Godrej Consumer Products Limited, the group’s FMCG arm. His daughter Nisaba Godrej has been handling the responsibility of the company since 2017.

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