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If you know how to write well then you can do content work from home

Small Home Based Business Idea If you know how to write well then you can do content work at home: If you are fond of writing and often sit at home and write something, then you can earn some money through it. Yes, in today’s time people want to work by staying in their homes, then if you know how to write then you can start writing for a particular website. There are many websites that require different types of content, content writers. Under this, the website needs a content writer who will be given a keyword, a subject on which you have to write in limited words.

Small Home Based Business Idea Web Content Writer

In today’s time, people search for work online from home, so if you want to know anything, then you search on Google, which answers millions of websites available on search engines. In such a situation, many types of websites require writers for their content. It is said that even in the coming times, the demand for online writing is going to be quite readable. Looking at this, you can make your future in this area.

What is content writing?

If you are fond of writing and hope to earn from it, then you know that the article taken for the promotion of a website is called content writing. That website gives you a topic to write a keyword, in which you have to write in limited words. Explain that there can be many types of content writing.

Technical writing

If the website is related to the field of technology and innovation, then they will keep you for technical writing, will make you write about your product and their function to constantly update the customer. Just this difficult task you have to make it easy to reach customers through simple words. Technical writers have to write on technology-related topics.

Science writing

With this, many people are very fond of reading science. The demand for science writer is increasing rapidly due to the boom in research and development work. Especially science writers, scientists and researchers to help them prepare their research papers, write articles for a science journal, prepare thesis etc. To become a science writer it is important that you should have a good grasp on related subjects.

Top Home Based Business Idea: How to start?

If you want to start this work, then you know that if you are writing on some sites, then to increase traffic there is a need for good quality content, due to which the content writers are needed. The best thing for this is that you do not need any qualification for this. The 31-year-old selector who runs a blog called TechSule gives more information about this, stating that she was not satisfied with the work of a biotech junior research fellow. So I invented and started working as a content writer.

To write content, you should have a very good and strong grip on the grammar and the ability to write on different topics. Apart from this, having knowledge of SEO and HTML for web content also proves beneficial. Apart from this, the content to be written depends on the time taken on each project, its length and the subject. At the same time, the selector, who has been doing this job for 6 years, does up to 30 assignments every month and is earning up to Rs 40,000 a month.

Earning Potential

Let us now talk about its earnings. The earning of writing and proofreading work depends on the length of your written words and articles. Sometimes it is also dependent on the project that the given project is based on someone and what type it is. Apart from this, Rs 1 to 3 per word for promotional content and Rs 8 to 10 per word for specialized content. Apart from this, you can get up to Rs. 5 per word for GOST writing (in which the writer does not take credit).

Global Freelance Platforms like PeoplePerHour, Upwork, Freelancer and Fiverr pay significantly more than Indian sites. In this, you can earn from Rs 1,030 to Rs 1,300 per hour with experience of more than 2 years. Along with this, these sites also charge a service fee of 5 to 20 percent on the total earnings from the project.

Business Idea Working Tip

To get more work, increase your visibility on social media and speed up your writing skills, so that if they give you 8 to 9 articles, then within your time, you give them complete work with easy language and understandable words.

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