Festival Business Ideas: start these 4 special business in the festive season

Festival Business Ideas
Start this 4 special business in the festive season – you can earn millions of rupees by starting a small business with little money at the time of the festival. Even in festivals, Diwali is special in terms of Diwali traders. Many types of business can be done on this occasion, we all know that the festival season has started, different festivals of different religions and castes are going on throughout the month. In such a situation, if you are fond of doing business and are thinking of earning more money in less time, then we will tell you how the Small Business Idea can give you big benefits.

In the festival season, you can earn millions of rupees by starting a small business with less money. Diwali festival is also most special in festivals, on this occasion you can do many kinds of business which can earn you millions. Today we are going to give information about 4 special business to be done during the festival days. Whichever you want, you can do it at a small level or you can target it and turn it into a big company-

4 businesses that you can start in the festive season

1. Start a cracker making business

Millions can be earned by selling firecrackers during festive time. Even though the Supreme Court in Delhi has banned the sale of Diwali crackers this Diwali firecrackers, but other states are still allowed to buy and sell firecrackers. If you want to sell voice crackers in the range of 100 Kg to 600 Kg apart So a Temporary License has to be obtained from the State Police. The form for the license will be found from the police website. This license issues the District Deputy Commissioner. You can sell crackers of Chinese and Indian companies on getting Taperari license. Also you have to follow the rules of safety.

2. Make sculptures, diyas, decorative candles and decorative items

Sculptures, Diyas, Decorative Candles and Decorative Items Lakshmi-Ganesha Idols, Decorative Candles, Laxmiji’s feet, Jhalar, Kandil, Rangoli, Decorative Diyas, Candle’s Cell Peak at Diwali time. Two days before Diwali, retailers sell them at an expensive price. Businesses can earn 20-25% profit by selling these products during the festival time. These businesses can be started with an investment of 5,000 rupees. No license required to set up shop. However, some fees may have to be paid under the municipal regulation rules. You can take all this stuff from Sadar Bazaar or somewhere else.

3. Bakery or Sweet Business

Diwali sweets, chocolates, gift packs during Diwali are the best selling boxes of sweets, chocolates, fruity, soft drinks. A week before Diwali, most shopkeepers start selling these gift items at shops outside the shop. Corporate companies also buy these gifts for employees. Bikaner, Haldiram, Priagold, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Frutti, Chocolate companies carry out festive packs. In such a situation, you can start this business and do this business till Bhaiya Dooj.

4. Gift packing business

The trend of packing gift in the country is increasing at a very fast pace. After buying a gift, people like to give it in a simple way by giving it attractive packing. You can also make a gift pack. Or you can buy it in bulk and sell it in your city. By the way, gift pack items are needed all the time. But on festive occasions it is particularly needed. So if you start this business now then this will be a good chance for you to earn money.

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