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Farmer of Papaya Earns Profit By Farmer


Papayas Framing success story : Today we are going to tell about such a farmer. Who have seen the face of many successful farmers even after the lockdown has run continuously! This is the story of Anil Kumar Bishnoi, a farmer living in village Lalwas in Ratia district of Haryana. This farmer is earning millions of rupees per acre by doing mixed farming of fruits and flowers! Anil has planted Kinnow orchards on 5 acres in his fields! In the middle of which, the crop of lime, papayas (Framing) marigold is also planted. Due to this, the farmer is earning lakhs of rupees!

Papayas Framing success story

The farmer says that he has been doing traditional farming with his father for many years! He also organizes cow dung, cow urine-based bacterial cultivation along with organic farming! Farmer Anil has started paying attention to gardening after completing his 12th standard! In the year 2015, farmer Anil planted Kinnow orchards on 5 acres, so that there is the hope of getting production by Diwali! Let us know that the fruit of Kinnow appears after 5 years!

Plants of lemon and papayas are planted in the middle of it. Farmers have been making profits from the lemon crop for the last 3 years! This time the farmer has got the price of lemon at the rate of Rs 30 per kg! In this way, the farmer has earned more than 1 lakh rupees from the lemon crop! Apart from this, the papaya crop has earned up to 50 thousand rupees! Farmers sell these crops in the mandis of Mansa in Punjab and Ratia, Fatehabad in Haryana.

Time to sow papaya

In Papayas Framing, seeds of advanced variety should be taken from authorized places only. Seeds should be sown at a depth of one centimetre in well-ploughed fields! In order to protect the seeds from damage, pesticide-fungicides have to be used! A 60X60X60 cm pit should be made to plant papaya. Applying appropriate amount of nitrogen, phosphorus and potash and native fertilizers in it, plant height of 20 cm height and plant it!

Temperatures of 22 degrees centigrade to 26 degrees centigrade are best suited for better production of a papaya! For this, sandy loam soil with normal pH value is considered better! Papaya plant causes leaf contraction disease and ringspot disease caused by a virus spread by whitefly! To avoid this, the spraying of Dimethoate (2 ml per litre of water) solution should be done. Always get in touch with agricultural scientists or agricultural advisory centres for proper advice!

The right time to cultivate papaya

For information, let us know that the right time for Papayas Framing is from February to the last week of April! Its plants can tolerate temperatures of 10-40 degrees! If the farmer plants around 1200 saplings in 1 hectare! So he should keep the distance between the 2 plants at least 2 meters! If the farmer is farming in flat land! So, first of all, prepare the fields well! So that rainwater does not accumulate in the fields! This is how plants stay safe! Farmers of many districts of Bihar can do papayas Framing on a large scale! Because the soil here is considered favourable for its cultivation!

Manure and irrigation in papaya cultivation

Keep the truth of papaya every week in summer and after 15-20 days in winter! There is no water standing near the trunk of the plants. Male and female plants are identified only when papayas are framed. Then all of them keep 10 percent male plants separately in the field and remove the remaining male plants! Give 20 kg of cow dung per plant! 500 grams of mixed fertilizer ammonium sulfate, superphosphate and potassium sulfate in the month of February and August are two to four ratios per plant!

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