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Farmer here is making 8 times more income from vegetable cultivation


Agriculture Success Story The farmer here is doing 8 times more income than vegetable cultivation: While some farmers of the country are thinking of leaving their traditional farming and doing some other work. At the same time, there are some farmers in the country who are earning millions from traditional farming. Today we are going to tell you about a village in Sonipat where earlier Khadar farmers were in debt. The family depended on traditional farming, which earned only a living income.

Agriculture Success Story: The farmer here is making 8 times more income from vegetable cultivation

After this, in eight years, there was such a revolution in vegetable cultivation that the fortunes of the farmers there arose. All the farmers of Sonepat benefited greatly from this. At the same time, foreigners have started coming to know about this new technology in foreign countries. Actually, the farmers here have said goodbye to traditional farming, making poly house farming their employment. Farmers are cultivating red-yellow capsicum, tomato and cucumber this time in Poly House.

Agriculture Success Story Of Farmer

While talking about this, farmers say that there is an eight times higher revenue difference between capsicum grown in the open field and red-yellow capsicum of poly house. There was a time when Khadar farmers depended only on wheat and paddy. The maintenance of the family was difficult. The farmers had a desire to do something different. Here farmers first started cultivating baby corn and sweetcorn. When prices started getting good in the mandi, farmers started setting up poly houses.

Is pollution-free Vegetable

Agriculture Success Story Now the farmers here are taking chemical-free vegetable in poly house. This season, farmers are taking yellow and red capsicum cultivation the most. Also, the farmers there say that the poly house vegetable crop is completely away from pollution, weeds and insect mites. Also, crops like capsicum, cucumber, tomato, library, Bottle Guard are being prepared inside the poly house. Farmers are taking vegetable cultivation from organic manure. Due to which they are also getting good prices in the market.

5 to 10 kg of tomatoes are planted on one plant in open and 40 kg in poly house

Arun Chauhan of Manauli village, Dinesh Chauhan told that only 2000 tomato plants are grown in the open field. 4 thousand tomato plants are grown in the poly house. On an average 5-10 kg tomatoes are grown on one plant in the open field. While 40 kg tomatoes are grown on a plant in the poly house. This gives the farmer eight times more crop.

11 thousand capsicum plants are planted in poly house

Explain that in the same way, 11 thousand plants of capsicum are planted in poly houses. Twenty tons of capsicum is produced. The rate of red and yellow capsicum in Mandi is Rs 180 per kg. While the price of green capsicum in the market is only 20 to 25 rupees per kilogram.

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