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Construction Anchor Hook Business Information – Requirement and Registration

If we talk about Anchor hook, then we can also call it a device which is used to hang or hold an object or item. Without an anchor, no structure can be safely held together, so it is extremely important to properly assess the structure before choosing the right anchor hook. The anchor fastener used may vary depending on the material used during construction. For example, if the base material is drivel, the anchor fastener is used to cover the walls and ceilings attached and is used in both commercial and residential construction works.

Technology advances in fastener technology can be helpful in further boosting the demand for anchor fastener. As far as the Anchor hook is concerned, it is used to join, hold, or attach an object to another object. If we talk about a common anchor hook, one of its ends is pointed so that it can easily penetrate into another object or wall and its other end is curved or indented so that an object can be hung in this hook or any other way. The object can be added easily.

An anchor is therefore a major tool used in daily life. If we talk about a house, Anchor Hook is used for many purposes including hanging towels, hanging clothes etc. in the bathroom, ceiling fan etc., hanging a variety of objects in walls and as fixtures. Bringing are the main ones. Such hooks can be made of metal, wood, or plastic to suit their needs, they are also coated with zinc and metal to increase their durability.

Uses and Application of Anchor Hook

Anchors are needed to prevent a force from flowing in two directions. If we talk about the pull-out force, these are forces that act in the direction of the fastener axis. While shear forces are those forces which act right-angled on the axis of the fastener’s axis. An Anchor Hook is a device that is made to the appropriate length using metal or other material, and a part or both of it may be curved indented or a part may be pointed. It depends on what specific purpose it is being made to supply but generally the purpose of making it can be to attach, connect, hang, attach, etc. to something. An Anchor Hook is a manual tool used to make loads safe and moving.

Sales potential

If we talk about the sale of Anchor hook, then as we all are well aware that the world population is growing at a very fast pace. And with the increase in population, people are also needing houses, offices etc. to live, and that is why the demand for anchor hook is also increasing continuously. By the way, the hook is a very small household appliance which is used to handle various tasks on walls and roofs, but at present people have a great concern to make their house look more decorative and beautiful, due to which they can make the walls of houses etc. But use hooks. This type of hook can be divided into wood, metal and plastic hooks depending on the material. Apart from this, they can be divided into ceiling-mounted hooks and wall-mounted hooks based on mountings. And on the basis of distribution, this hook market can be divided into two parts, online and offline. With the increase in population in our country India the number of houses is also increasing continuously and with the increase in the number of houses, the demand for Anchor Hook is also increasing rapidly.

How to start Anchor Hook Construction Business?

As we have said that Anchor Hook is a daily tool used in homes etc. Therefore, due to the increasing number of houses, its demand is prevalent in almost every region. Although to start such a business, an entrepreneur not only needs to manage finances but also needs to manage land, licenses and registrations, machinery raw materials, labor etc. So further in this article, we are trying to give step by step information about how to start the business of making anchor hooks.

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1. Land & Building

Anchor hook manufacturing requires the entrepreneur to have multiple industrial setups such as space for inventory, space for the manufacturing sector, space for power supply utilities, space for generators, etc. Apart from all this, the entrepreneur may also need to set up a small office in this industrial complex itself. In this way, the entrepreneur may need about 700-900 sq ft of space for this business. An entrepreneur can take place in any non-agricultural land for this but provided there is easy availability of roads, electricity, water and labor there. If the entrepreneur wants, he can also rent a built building, but keep in mind that while renting the land or building, he must get his rent or lease agreement made. Because it will be such a document, in which the terms and conditions related to the increase of rent etc. will be in writing. Apart from this, this document can also be used as address proof.

2. Registration for Anchor Hook Manufacturing Business

To start Anchor Hook Manufacturing Business, an entrepreneur may need to register under any of the various business entities to give his business legal status. The entrepreneur can register his business in the initial stages under proprietorship or One Person Company. Apart from this, the entrepreneur is also required to do GST registration and the entrepreneur can contact the local authority for factory registration or trade license. To identify their business as MSME and to take advantage of various government schemes as MSME, entrepreneurs can register their business in enterprise registration and MSME data bank. Apart from all this, the entrepreneur may also need to open a PAN card and a current account in the bank in the name of the business.

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3. Machinery & Raw Materials

Before purchasing machinery and raw materials, the entrepreneur should seek quotations from various machinery suppliers. And then it is only appropriate to choose the best supplier after doing a comparative analysis of them. This process should be adopted not just before purchasing machinery but also before purchasing raw materials. The following machinery can be used to start Anchor Hook Manufacturing Business.

  • Heavy Hydraulic Press
  • Electroplating plant
  • Different dye

The list of raw materials used in this business is as follows.

  • Mild metal sheet
  • Steel wire
  • Lubricant oil
  • Bolt
  • Chemicals like zinc etc.

4. Staff appointment

To start an Anchor Hook Manufacturing business, an entrepreneur may need to hire employees with different qualifications to perform different tasks in the unit. The entrepreneur needs a skilled machine operator to produce the hook from the above-mentioned machine and may also require the entrepreneur to appoint a quality engineer to determine if the hook is manufactured to quality standards. There may also be a need to transport material from one place to another location in the unit, so the entrepreneur also needs to hire some unskilled workers. And to maintain office records and documents properly, there is also a need to appoint skilled and qualified staff to take over the office. Overall, 6-7 employees may be required to start Anchor Hook Manufacturing Business.

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5. Start Anchor Hook Manufacturing Process:

Before starting the Anchor Hook Manufacturing Process, the raw material availability is verified and then the required raw material is taken out of the store and the construction is started. The metal sheet is cut to the desired shape through a hydraulic press, after cutting the metal sheet, it is converted into a leaf structure and is coated with zinc. And after zinc coating, it is weighed and sent to the assembly section. In this assembly section, the bolt with the leaf structure is attached. In this way, this product is ready for sale.

Q&A (Questions/Answers):

questions 1: What would be the average cost per kg of raw material used to start this business?

answer: According to one figure, the average raw material price per kg can be Rs 72-77 kg. Because there is also a raw material that will get Rs 20-22, then there is a raw material that can also get Rs 110-120 kg, so the price per kg is given here.

questions 2: How much power consumption will be required for the machinery?

answer: The power consumption of machinery used in the Anchor Hook Manufacturing Business can be up to about 20hp.

questions 3: What processes will have to go through to start such a business and how long can it take?

answer :

  • The land acquisition may take one to two months.
  • Machinery purchase and installation may also take a couple of months.
  • It can also take 1.5 to two and a half months to manage finances.
  • Appointment of required manpower may take up to a month.
  • It may take up to a month to run a commercial trial.

Question 4: Will I get a loan from the bank for this project?

answer: It will depend on the credit profile of the entrepreneur or his business and many other factors, for this, you need to go to any branch of the bank and contact him.

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