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Complete information for the business of making potato chips

Friends, if you want the information to do the business of making potato chips, then this post will be very helpful for you.

Friends, the demand for potato chips business is almost all over the world as people do not forget its taste. People of all ages or ages like potato chips.

There are many flavours of potato chips available in the market, some of which are flavours like salty, tangy, chilli, garlic, onion, butter.

Many companies making potato chips are doing business in the market with good profits, some of which are Uncle chips and turmeric chips.

Project Report to do the business of making potato chips

For potato chips, you should first prepare a project report so that you get an idea that you are successful in this business.

With this, you also get to know about the shortcomings of this business, after which you can overcome its shortcomings.

If you make a project of potato chips business (how to make potato chips project plan then you can write and analyze the location of the business, the expenses of the businessman, and many other things.

Registration for potato chips manufacturing business

It is also necessary for some businesses to register for the potato chips business, which requires the following types of registration

  • Business registration
  • GST Registration
  • Trade License
  • MSME / SSI Registration
  • Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI)
  • IEC code

Selection of place for potato chips making business

You need a good location to start this business, you should choose a place where all your types of vehicles can come and go.

With this, the system of electricity and water is good but if you want, you can start it from your home.

It will not cost you rent and in this way, your business work will start in cost. You need about 1000 square feet of space for this business.

Raw Mall for Potato Chips Business

Friends, you need a raw mall for this business that will be easily found in your nearest market, for this, you need potatoes, salt, oil, and a small bag for packaging which you will get easily. is

Aloo chips making machine for potato chips making business

Friends, you need some machine for this business which makes your work a little easier

Such as chips making machine, which are of two types, Fully Automatic Machine and Semi-Automatic Machine and some machines are as follows

How to make potato chips (Tips for Aloo Chips Business)

After this process, the fried chips are sent for coating. With this, the process of making chips is completed. They are now sent forward for packing.

Now when these potatoes dry well, then they are sent to fry. Batch fryer machine is used for this. The potato slices are then baked at a temperature of 180C for about 2 minutes.

Now remove these chopped pieces from the water and blanch them with Bisulphite Solution. After this, they are sent to the Dewatering Machine to remove excess water from them. Which removes excess water

Now wash these peeled potatoes once again. After the potatoes are washed, cut these potatoes into very thin slice. Their thickness should be 4mm to 5mm. Slicing Machine can also be used for this. Now put these chopped potatoes in cold water for some time.

After this wash good potatoes once, and remove the skin from them. This work can be done by hand. But to save convenience and time, you can use Potato Peeling Machine for this work.

First of all, separate the good and bad potatoes from the potato store. Bad potatoes are of no use, as well as they can harm health. So do this work carefully

Marketing for Aaloo chips business

Friends, now your chips are ready to go to the market, but now the question is that you will sell it to your ready mall

So for this, you have two methods, the first of which is that you open your store, which will be very expensive.

Secondly, you should supply your chips to other shops, which will start getting your profit in the cost of expenditure.

For this, you need to brand your business so that people know your business.

Along with this, you try to prepare the chips of the customer’s taste so that the quality of your chips can be increased.

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