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What is a Small Scale Industry? Know About Top 30 Small Industry Type.

From the inception of the small industries, not only in India, but the world has also started thinking for industry or business. The small industry is the second big way through which the common man can make his mark in the business world, for which he does not require much cost. Due to which many new businessmen have completed all the dreams of their dreams. And still something in this list

What is a Small Scale Industry?

We measure any industry by its size and after which we decide which category the industry falls in for which we have to assess the labour and capital employed in it. Keeping in view the capital and labour, three parts have been done, which are as follows


Micro-industry can be a small and easy-to-start industry than small-scale industry if you work in the service sector in such an industry. So your investment will be up to about 10 lakh rupees and if you work in the construction sector then you can read investing up to 25 lakhs. Similarly, the number of workers in it can be from 2 to 10.

Small scale industries

The small industry is a business with little more investment than the micro-industry if you work in the service sector. So you cannot invest more than 10 lakh to 2 crores in your entire business, if you invest more than this, then your industry will come from small industry to medium industry. And if you work in the construction sector, then you cannot invest more than 10 lakh to 2 crores in the entire business.

Medium industries

The medium industry is bigger than the small scale industry, if a small business whose total value increases from 2 crores to 10 crores, then it enters the medium industry. In this type of industry, you can invest from 2 crores to 5 crores for the service sector and if you are contributing in the construction work, then you can easily invest between 2 crores to 5 crores. Along with this, this class of all types of the industry also depends on its machinery and number of workers.

Gramin Small industry

Industries established in rural areas with less than 10 thousand population and with a fixed capital investment of fewer than 15 thousand rupees per artisan or worker in the land, building, machinery etc. are covered under village industry. The State Village Industries Board and Village Industries Industries provide technical and financial assistance in the establishment, operation, etc. of these units. Government of India is also providing financial assistance for all these types of industries through various means.

As Micro, Small and Medium Industries to the Government of India, this sector accounts for 39% of the manufacturing and 33% of India’s total exports in the entire industrial economy of the country. And with this, micro, small and medium industries also play a very important role in employing in the country. The sector employs an estimated 31.2 million persons through 12.84 million micro and small enterprises.

How To Start Small industry?

To start a small scale industry, first, you have to select your business, after which you will have to prepare your business outline. You have to register and refine it. You should be able to confirm how you want to benefit people through your business, such as whether you want to serve or you want to work in the construction sector.

In this way, you will have to prepare a plan for your entire business, which is an important part of the beginning of any business, the business plan itself gives you a solution to every problem of your entire business. If you also want to know how to make a business plan for your business, then you can read our blog

Small Industry Type List

Although you can build any type of business keeping in mind the above-mentioned things, for your convenience we will tell you about some businesses which fall under the category of small scale industries.

  1. Making herbal goods such as soap, oil etc.
  2. Hand made chocolate
  3. Making Cookies and Biscuits (Parle Company started this way too)
  4. Making and cooking canned butter, ghee and cheese
  5. Making candles and incense sticks
  6. Making Toffee and Sugar Sweets
  7. Making soda and different flavoured drinks
  8. Fruit pulp extraction & sale
  9. Cloud Kitchen – Selling food at Swiggy / Zomato
  10. Make home use cooler
  11. Fancy jewellery making
  12. Disposable Cup-Plate Making
  13. Making aluminium goods like utensils
  14. Making a stretcher used in a hospital
  15. Make a meter or voltmeter on current measuring
  16. Car headlight
  17. Cloth bag
  18. Purse & Handbag Making
  19. Spices
  20. Barbed wire
  21. Basket making
  22. Leather belt
  23. Shoe polish polish
  24. Dressing box
  25. Making plates and bowls
  26. Sweep
  27. Making traditional medicines
  28. Making paper bags and envelopes

How To Start a Food Packaging Business in India?

Small scale registration

Friends, it is very easy to get the small business registered for this, even if you have your Aadhaar card, registration of your business will be easy. You can register your business in just 5 minutes sitting online at home through your Aadhaar card, which will also help you in getting a loan for your business.

For this, you have to first visit the website of the industry base, your business certificate will be found online immediately. Besides, you can register your business at the District Industries Center.

Small scale industry loans and schemes

You can apply for small industry loan in the bank or you can also apply by visiting the website of 59 minutes loan started by the Government of India. To apply in the bank, you will need an account with that bank, with which you will have to submit some of your documents in the bank.

Such as Aadhar card, PAN card, caste certificate, after that, you can get a balance sheet of your business which can be made by any CA, which gives an estimate of your 3 years or 5 years of all profits and losses. If you want, you can also take a loan under these schemes of the Government of India in the bank, many schemes have been run by the government. Some of these schemes are as follows:

  • Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana (PMMY)
  • Prime Minister Employment Generation Program (PMEGP)
  • Prime Minister’s Employment Scheme
  • Credit Guarantee Fund Trust for Micro and Small Enterprises – CGTMSE for Micro and Small Enterprises
  • Credit Link Capital Subsidy Scheme for Technology Upgradation

These 5 businesses can start along with jobs

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