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Business of making bags is very good option, learn complete details


Bag Business : Do you want to do a business! If you want to start a new job, that too with more profit then there is no need to worry! We are going to tell you about such Business Idea, which you will be able to start regular income! You can set up a factory to make a school bag (Bag Business), this is such a job! In which the loss is very less! And if marketed properly, you can earn a lot!To start this business (Idea), more capital will not be required. If you have 10 to 12 lakh rupees then you can start this business! If you do not have that much money! So you can start this work by taking loan under government scheme too! Let us know what is needed to start this business!

Bag Business

This business will start in this much money

According to the project report prepared by the National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC), a central government subordinate organization, if you want to set up a factory producing 15,000 bags in a year! So investment of about 11 lakh 55 thousand rupees will be needed on machinery and equipment, three months working capital, raw materials and utilities! For a unit making 15,000 bags annually, you need about 120 square meters of space, which has at least 100 square meters covered! The power load here will need from 2 kW to 5 kW, while the normal connection of water will also work!

70 to 80 percent loan can be given

If you do not have that much money to do Business Idea! So you can also get loan under many schemes by the government! For this you do not need to create a separate project report, you can apply for a loan by giving this project report to the bank! Banks can also give you 70 to 80 percent loan! With the efforts of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Mudra scheme running can prove to be very beneficial for you! Machinery to do this business as a single needle needle bed bed sewing machine, screen printing equipment, tools designed as tools and raw materials, nylon strap, D-ring, zip, rivets, cotton tape, buckle, locks , Threads, Adhesives, Packing Materials Must Have!

This will be an income (Business Idea)

The main purpose of doing business is Profit! By the way, different bags can be priced differently! But even if the average price of the bag is kept at 100 rupees, then the cost of 15 thousand bags will be around 15 lakh rupees, if your investment is 11 lakh 55 thousand rupees! So you can earn around Rs 3 lakh 45 thousand in the first year! Whereas from next year your machinery and installation expenses will be reduced, which will increase your earnings further!

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