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This scooter is coming to compete with Ola electric scooter with a range of 240km, will be launched in 13 states simultaneously

The Simple One electric scooter is much better in terms of mileage and will get a range of 240 km in a single charge, while if reports are to be believed, the Ola electric scooter will get a range of only 150 km.

This scooter is coming to compete with Ola electric scooter with a range of 240km, will be launched in 13 states simultaneously

Ola Electric Vs Simple One

Ola has announced the launch date of its electric scooter. The company is going to launch its most awaited electric scooter on August 15. The scooter has already garnered a lot of bookings even before its launch and there is a lot of buzz about it in the market. But with this another scooter is going to be launched which can give tough competition to Ola electric scooter. In fact, Bengaluru based electric vehicle startup Simple Energy is also ready to launch its first electric scooter. This scooter will be introduced only on August 15 and its booking will also start on the same day. According to reports, it will be launched in 13 states in the first phase.

The 13 states in which the Simple Energy scooter will be introduced include Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, Rajasthan, Goa, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat and Punjab. The company has said that along with this, it has also seen a place to set up experience centers in these states. Along with this, the company is planning to invest Rs 350 crore in the next two years to expand its business across the country.

Initially, the company had planned to launch this scooter in only three cities which include Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad. But when the annual production capacity of its plant in Hosur, Tamil Nadu reached 1 million, the company thought of expanding its business and planned to launch the scooter in 15 states. Suhas Rajkumar, Founder and CEO, Simple Energy, said that they are receiving applications for booking from many cities of India and in view of this the company has started working fast in the first phase.

Simple One Electric Scooter Range

Talking about the features of the Simple One electric scooter, it will get a 4.8KWh lithium-ion battery which will give a range of 240 km in Eco mode on a single charge. Information has already been received that the battery of this scooter will be detachable so that it can be charged easily. This scooter can be driven at a maximum speed of 100 kmph and it can get a speed of 0 to 50 kmph in just 3.5 seconds.

Ola Electric Scooter Range

Ola has not yet disclosed the range of this scooter but if reports are to be believed, it can get a range of 150 km on a single charge. However, the company has revealed that this electric scooter will give a range of 75 km in 18 minutes of charging. Talking about the top speed of this scooter, then it will get a speed of 45 kmph in the base model, 70 kmph in the mid variant and 95 kmph in the top model.

Talking about the price of Ola and Simple One electric scooter, then the price of Ola electric scooter can be between 80 thousand to 1 lakh rupees. On the other hand, the price of Simple One can be between Rs 1.10 lakh to Rs 1.20 lakh.

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