This great bike of Kawasaki will be expensive from August 1, the company told the reason for the increase

This great bike of Kawasaki will be expensive from August 1, the company told the reason for the increase

Kawasaki has increased the prices of most of its bikes but only those bikes whose prices have remained unchanged. But favorite bikes have been made expensive. There is no information about when the company will return these bikes cheaper at the moment.

Kawasaki has increased the price of most of its bikes

Kawasaki Motors has announced a new price list for 14 of its motorbikes. The company has also increased the prices of some existing models. The company has shared the new list on Twitter. Prices will be effective from August 1. Whereas the popular entry-level model of the two-wheeler company Ninja 300 will not get any increase. But the Ninja 650 has been made expensive by Rs 7000, after which the updated price of this bike has now gone up to Rs 6,61,000.

The Kawasaki Z650 motorbike has been costlier by Rs. 6,000 to the highest price of Rs. 15,000 for the Ninja ZX-10R. According to the new price list, the Z650 will now cost Rs 6,24,000, while the Ninja ZX-10R will cost Rs 15,41,000. Apart from the Ninja ZX-10R, eight more models are getting expensive. However, the company has announced to sell the rest of the models here without any increase.

The Z900 has been made costlier by Rs 8000, after which its updated price has gone up to Rs 8,42,000. At the same time, the company has also made two models of Versys series i.e. Versys 650 and Versys 1000 expensive. While the price of the Versys 650 has gone up to Rs.7,15,000, you will now have to pay Rs.11,55,000 for the Versys 1000. The prices of sporty Ninja 650, Bullet like W800 have also been increased by Rs 7000. After this, now its price has gone up to Rs 7,26,000. On the other hand, Vulcan S is now being sold at a price of Rs.6,10,000.

Now, the price of Ninja 1000SX will be Rs 11,40,000 after a hike of 11,000. The bike has seen the biggest jump in price since January, when it was earlier priced at 11,04,000. There has been no change in the prices of the other five models in the list. These models include the Ninja 300, Z2 H2, Z2 H2 SE and the dual-sport bikes KLX110 and KLX140G. The company is also running a discount for the month of July, which can be availed from its website. Under the discount, the manufacturer claims to offer benefits up to Rs.30,000.

The hike in prices comes as the spurt in petrol prices is attracting social media attention every other day. Kawasaki has increased the prices of bikes thrice this year so far.

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