Taking a new car for servicing, keep these special things in mind, otherwise it will cost dearly

Taking a new car for servicing, keep these special things in mind, otherwise it will cost dearly

Before going for car servicing, you have to take care of many things. A single mistake in this can cause problems in your vehicle. So pay attention to the points given below.

Car Servicing Tips & Tricks

Buying a new car is a big decision. However, keeping it in its original condition after purchase is a huge task. Cars are reliable nowadays, but they require maintenance from time to time. Since this is a new car, you should follow the service schedule allotted by the car manufacturer. Also, never trust the service center people blindly, as you can be cheated if you are not careful.

In such a situation, today we are bringing some such special things for you, which you have to keep in mind during servicing. What are the things you need to know about during servicing? We have brought a complete list of this. So let’s know what is included in it.

engine oil

Engine oil is an important lubricant that helps your engine run smoothly. In new cars, it is necessary to change the engine oil because the impurities of the new engine get mixed in it. If you get a chance, check the oil color carefully before servicing your new car and after servicing your new car. You will see the number of errors in it.


Coolant is required for your engine to run smoothly as it maintains the temperature of the entire system. It should be replaced after a few thousand kilometers as it tends to lose its properties over time.

air filter

Your engine air filter controls the amount of air flowing into your engine. It is important to keep it clean. With a clean air filter, you can improve your mileage and help ensure a longer life for your engine. In addition, a clean air filter can also help in maintaining acceleration statistics, which deteriorate when the air filter is clogged.

odometer reading

It is important to note down your odometer readings before giving your car in for servicing. This can help you find out if the car was misused behind your back. Note, a short test drive of two to three kilometers after service is normal. If your car has any major problems then a longer test drive may be required.


Tires are very important, yet often we do not pay much attention to it. Fill the correct tire pressure and check tread depth regularly. Well maintained tires give a safe and good mileage. Always do wheel alignment and check tires before going anywhere.

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