Seeing this old sedan car started spewing fire up to 20 feet, you will also be shocked after seeing VIDEO

Seeing this old sedan car started spewing fire up to 20 feet, you will also be shocked after seeing VIDEO

A video of the Lada 2106 sedan car has been uploaded to Reddit in which it can be seen how fire is emanating from the front of the car which is going up to 20 feet.

Lada 2106

In movies, we always see such cars in which you get to see funky car accessories and gadgets. But you can also be surprised to see what a person living in Russia did. Like in James Bond movies, this man did something with his Lada 2106 car that you might be shocked to see. This man made his car a fire-breathing car like in the James Bond movies. The car seems to have been inspired by the movie Mad Max, which shows a lot of strange vehicles.

A video of the drastic change made to the Lada 2106 has been uploaded on Reddit in which the outer headlight bezels of the small sedan can be seen getting converted into jets of flame. In this video, the outer headlamp bezels can be seen getting converted into flamethrowers. It can be seen in this video that the flame gun can throw fire from a distance of 20 feet from the car. In this, the driver can be seen repeatedly taking out the flame.

Along with this, the sound emitted when the flamethrower is working can also be heard in this video. It could be that it could be the sound pump which is generating the power from which the fuel can be delivered to the nozzle. Apart from this, the cabin of the Lada 2106 can also be seen in this video but the engineering of this system has not been disclosed in it.

It seems that tanks and other equipment would be needed to build such a system and such things might be better for stunts but in real life it is useless. Although, let us tell you that the installation of flamethrower on the vehicle is not new, before this it has been used by the military for decades all over the world.

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