If you drive a fast car on the road, then be careful, the challan will be deducted from the speed trap camera, this is the planning of the police

If you drive a fast car on the road, then be careful, the challan will be deducted from the speed trap camera, this is the planning of the police

The speed of vehicles in India is very high. People slow down the car after seeing the cameras but then catch the speed after that. In such a situation, now this system will stop them from doing this.

New camera system to control the speed of vehicles

If most road accidents happen in India, then their main reason is the high speed of the vehicle. But now to stop these vehicles, authorities and police are installing speed detecting cameras on roads and highways. These cameras will be fixed on the pole forever. During this time, whatever vehicle will come fast, these speed cameras will detect it and give information to the police. They can be used anywhere on the road.

At present, this system has been seen on the way to Delhi Haryana where the police has installed its speed detection system behind the vehicle. In such a situation, with the help of these cameras, the speed of whatever vehicle is coming is being stopped and challan is being made. Police has installed Speed ​​Trap Camera in Maruti Suzuki Ertinga. During this, an operator continuously moves the camera.

Explain that the operator, who sees the speed of the vehicle, instructs his senior officer to stop that vehicle. After which a challan of Rs 2000 is made on the driver driving the speeding vehicle. Apart from this, his driving license can also be canceled for three months.

How does Speed ​​Trap Camera work?

These cameras are radar based cameras. These cameras use the Doppler effect to capture the speed of any vehicle. These radar cameras emit radio waves that travel at the speed of light. The radio waves then hit the car. After colliding, they come back to the system where its real time is calculated.

Let us tell you that laser guns are also used in the same way but they are much more expensive. Modern radar based systems come with ANPR i.e. Automatic Number Plate Recognition System. They also note down the number of the vehicle. In such a situation, one thing has become clear that, after the arrival of these systems, the police is going to get a lot of help, while the drivers are going to get a lot of challans.

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