Hyundai is bringing new EV to compete with Tata Nexon, know when it will be launched

Hyundai is bringing new EV to compete with Tata Nexon, know when it will be launched

It will be a compact EV that is being developed specifically for India, while this EV will be launched in other markets as well. It is believed that it will be named ‘Casper’.

Hyundai Compact Suv (indicator photo)

Recently, the electric vehicle market in India has been making a lot of progress. As far as policies and basic structure are concerned, every day a new development is done by the automakers keeping in mind the investment and new models. Car makers are now focusing on introducing compact and affordable EVs in our market and Hyundai India is also working in this direction.

An all-new compact EV model from the Korean carmaker is on the waiting list that will be set below the Hyundai Kona Electric in our market. The company is planning to launch this EV in the market in the next three years. Tarun Garg, Director, Sales, Marketing and Service, Hyundai Motor India said, “The work towards clearer activity has very clearly begun and I think at Hyundai we have already made this statement with the Kona EV in 2019. Had given. We are already working on a huge market for electric vehicles.”

Tarun Garg said, “In three years time we will bring an EV which will cater to the large market of India not only in terms of range and price but also in terms of ecosystem like suppliers and charging infrastructure. In three years’ time we will see a lot of changes in this area. But the good thing is that we have the capacity and the means.”

This EV is being developed especially for India.

Now Garg has confirmed that it will be a compact EV set under the corner and being developed exclusively for India, while making its way to other markets as well. Although the company has not yet finalized the dimensions, range and battery capacity. This work is in progress among other specifications.

Tarun Garg said, “Yes! It will be placed below the Kona EV and we are still working on the body type and range. We are doing our market research and we are really confident that this vehicle will boost the EV market in India.” So no final comment has been made on the type of EV yet but we speculate that it will be developed on the lines of the AX1 micro-SUV idea. It will most likely be an electric variant of the Hyundai AX1 micro-SUV which is also in the pipeline for India and will likely be named ‘Casper’.

Hyundai’s new EV will compete with Tata Nexon

The new product will allow Hyundai to tap a wider segment of EV buyers who are keen to buy some affordable EVs and this is also the reason for the success of Tata Nexon EV in India. While the new EV from Hyundai is expected to be a micro-SUV, its closest rival will be the subcompact Tata Nexon EV in our market. Then, MG Motor India, after acknowledging the success of the Nexon EV, plans to capitalize on the demand with an affordable compact EV around the same time.

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