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Honda Upcoming Cars in India 2020-21: Honda Launching Soon These 4 Cars, See Price, Launch Date, Interior – Exterior

Honda company was established seventy years ago, and it is one of the trusted brands worldwide. But in India, the Honda sales were not that huge before 1995; but finally, in 1995, Honda was able to gain its foothold in the Indian market. Since then, this Japanese company has made Indian buyers happy with the help of their up to date advanced technology automobiles, which know precisely how to operate.

When the first time Honda city was launched in the market and now in the present, the latest model of Honda BR-V, Since they started manufacturing Honda from the very go, kept on involving and evolving their progress is nothing but praiseworthy. The confidence level of theirs to sell the car is commendable the way their salesperson show devotion. It gives you affirmation that every Honda Automobile is structured to provide the owner with a seamless driving adventure.

Shortly Honda will introduce their four new models in the market, which will give the customers priceless driving experience.

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1. Honda Vezel

Expected Launch Date Not Announced
Engine 1.5L Petrol, 1.5L Diesel
Transmission 7- Speed CVT.
Power 132Ps
Torque 155Nm
Expected Price Rs. 10 lakh

Honda Vezel

The Honda Vezel is designed as a Compact SUV. During a Motor exhibition in Detroit, this car was showcased, and after that event, Honda Vezel was launched at the Tokyo Motor exhibition this year. The launch date of Honda is not decided yet in India, and the Vezel is going to give tough competition to other vehicles which are launching shortly.

Vezel looks wise it is almost similar to the Jazz, but the best thing about it is that it has its own identity with strong angles and ramping lines all over the car surface. You are going to discover that down below the hood. The Vezel is going to have a 1.5L Petrol engine, which is going to produce around 132Ps of Power and around 155Nm of torque. The customers are also going to have an option of 1.5 i-DTEC diesel when the mini SUV will be launched in India. The engine will be paired up with 7- Speed CVT mechanical transmission gearbox, and you, as a buyer, will have a choice between two-wheel drive and even four-wheel drive.

There is also a massive touchscreen infotainment technology. Also, there will be improved audio technology installed inside it, and you will further get a digital gadget’s assortment.

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2. Honda Brio 2020

Expected Launch Date 1 December 2020
Engine 1.2L Petrol
Transmission 5- Speed Manual, CVT
Power 90Ps
Torque 110Nm
Expected Price Rs. 5 lakh

Honda Brio 2020

Honda has been Indian customers’ first choice whenever it comes down to purchasing compact size hatchbacks, and as a Honda lover, you won’t be able to find anything better in the market than Brio. Second generation Brio was first exhibited at the Gaikindo Indonesia Global Automobile Show during 2018. But the Honda company finally decided to introduce the Brio to its Indian customers.

One of the significant discrepancies that you will be able to detect in the prior and the latest model is that the new Brio was made while keeping the comfort in mind that is why it was made more spacious, and the sleek and stylish look of the Brio is altered with the more mature look. So it might be a negative aspect for the customers who are buying it for its prior Brio edgy and playful look.

In the latest Brio, you will get a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment technology, Google Android Auto, and you will also get Apple Carplay connectivity; there is going to be the Bluetooth facilitated audio, LED Headlights and taillights, ABS with EBD, keyless access, mechanical temperature control, two airbags in the front are some the new features that you will get in Honda Brio.

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3. Honda HR- V

Expected Launch Date 10 January 2021
Engine 1.5L Petrol, 1.8L Petrol, 1.6L Diesel
Transmission Manual
Expected Price Rs. 14 lakh

Honda HR- V

Honda HR-V is one of the most anticipated cars in India. Still, the buyer doesn’t have to wait for a long time because it is releasing in January next year and is currently going through the undercover examination. The design of the Honda HR-V is going to be somewhat similar, meanwhile also outstandingly unique from the BR-V.

According to the rumours, Honda HR-V is going to be the replacement of the Honda BR-V, so the owner of the BR-V should start looking for the used car equipment immediately. The interior and details of the Honda HR-V, the customers will probably get LED Headlights, you will also get a 7-inch infotainment technology. There will be a spectacular rooftop, adjustable mechanical seats.

This car, when it is going to be introduced in the Indian market, is going to give tough competition to the big brands, unique cars like Renault Captur, Kia Seltos, Nissan Kicks, and Hyundai Creta.

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4. Honda Jazz 2020

Expected Launch Date 15 August 2021
Engine 1.2L Petrol,1.5L Diesel
Transmission 5 or 6 Speed Manual, CVT
Expected Price Rs. 7.50 lakh

Honda Jazz 2020

If someone in India wants to purchase a sporty category car, Honda Jazz is one of their favourite options. The Indian automobile market in 2021 will be introduced to the new era fourth-generation Honda Jazz and lots of Honda buyers are excited to own this new model at an affordable price.

In the prior Honda Jazz, there were numerous helpful details, and it seems like the customers won’t be disappointed with the brand new Honda Jazz because it will also be containing so many new useful features. For safety, there will be two airbags in the front, at the backside, there will be a parking detector, automatic door latches, 7-inch infotainment technology, trek management.

The 2020 model Honda Jazz did well in the Indian Market because it was one of the highest-selling and utilized automobiles. It will be safe to say that the new fourth-generation Honda Jazz in 2021 will get the same response from the customers.

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