Ford Motors ready to exit India; Will stop making cars, both plants will also sell

Ford Motors will soon close its operations in India.

Ford Motor Co. Will stop making cars in India now. The company is also going to close both the existing plants in the country. According to the news of the news agency Reuters, Ford’s business is no longer giving him an advantage here. So he has decided to stop the operation here. The company will cover its sack-bed from here in a year. However, this American car company will continue to sell some of its cars here through imports. According to sources, the company’s dealers will be present here so that the service can be given to the customers. Financial Express Online (Hindi) had reported in this regard two months ago. It was said that Ford India may close its operations in India.

Ford is the third company to decide to move out of the country. Earlier, General Motors and Harley Davidson had decided to move out of India. Both the companies started their operations here in the hope of good growth but they did not get success.

Ford is reducing its capacity around the world

Ford has two plants at Marimalai and Sanand and both were producing below their capacity. There are reports that Ola Electric may acquire both these plants for its ambitious plan. Ford India’s new investment is also difficult as Ford is closing its plants around the world or reducing their capacity.

Will Ford India bid farewell to India, know why this thing happened?

US car company failed to strike a balance in India

Ford India has failed to strike a balance between price and features in a market like India. The Figo automatic may launch next month but the segment already has Hyundai i20, Maruti Suzuki, Baleno and Volkswagen Polo. For some time now, Ford India has not launched any vehicle other than its SUVs like the EcoSport and the Endeavor. The Figo automatic is also being launched quite late. The second generation Figo is also quite late. Apart from this, there is no special feature nor powertrain in it.

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