Bring home this awesome car of Maruti by paying only 1.5 lakh rupees, 32 kmpl mileage along with money back guarantee

Today is a great opportunity to buy Maruti cars at discounted prices. These vehicles have a different style in the automobile industry. In such a situation, this is the best opportunity to take this vehicle.

Bumper discounts are available on Maruti vehicles

With the rising price of petrol, the steps of those who are planning to get a new vehicle have also come to a halt. Now the customer is either moving towards electric vehicles or is waiting to get relief from the price of petrol. But there are also many customers in this who are looking for old and cheap cars. In this, the name of Maruti comes at the top. In such a situation, if you are also thinking of buying a new or old car, then today we have brought a great car of Maruti for you.

Today we have brought a strong offer for you on Maruti’s Alto. Although you have to spend 3 lakh rupees to buy this car, but here you can take the car home at half the cost. So let us know at what price you can buy Maruti Alto K10 and what are the features given in this vehicle.

Talking about the features, you get a 998cc engine in the car, which gives power of 67.05Bhp and torque of 90Nm. Manual transmission engine is available in the car. On the other hand, you get power steering, power windows, ABS, wheel cover, driver side airbag in the car. Air conditioner is available.

The company claims that in one liter of petrol, this vehicle gives an average of 23.95 km per liter. But on the other hand, if you run it on CNG mode, then you will get an average of 32.26 km. On the other hand, if we talk about the special offer available on the vehicle, then this vehicle has been listed on the online website CARS24. Here its price has been kept at Rs 1,58,599.

According to the details on the site, the model of this car is from December 2011. Car is first ownership. This car has run 63,663 kms so far. At the same time, its registration is of UP16 RTO office. If you buy this vehicle then you get 7 days money back guarantee. That is, if you do not like this vehicle within 7 days of use, then you can return it and take your full money. At the same time, you can also get this vehicle financed where you will have to pay an EMI of Rs 3528 every month.

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