After all, what is so special about this electric cycle, people of small towns are very fond of it

After all, what is so special about this electric cycle, people of small towns are very fond of it

Voltro Motors has set a sales target of up to Rs 10 crore in the current financial year. The electric cycle startup is currently focusing on increasing production further.

Voltro’s cycle has many important features

Indian electric cycle startup Voltro Motors is targeting a sales target of Rs 10 crore in this financial year. The brand said that it is seeing a rise in demand for electric bicycles in smaller cities, especially after the lockdown is lifted during the pandemic. Voltro Motors founder and director Prashant said that initially the business suffered due to the lockdown but now it is growing rapidly. “With the demand for Voltro Electric Cycle, I am confident that it is going to be the vehicle of social change. We are currently looking for dealers and distributors in smaller cities.

The Voltro electric cycle comes with a range of 75 km to 100 km on a full charge and has a top speed of 25 kmph. It is equipped with a lithium phosphate battery, a mid-drive motor and can accommodate a pillar rider. The company claims that it is suitable for hill riding, city riding and off road riding. The price of the e-bike is Rs 35,000.

The Voltro electric cycle consumes 700 watts of power while charging, which is more than 1 unit and can be charged in three hours. The company claims that its full charging cost comes to an average of Rs 4, which is one of the reasons for the increase in its demand in smaller cities.

Prashant said that the e-bike can be easily repaired at the local level or its parts can also be replaced. “If there is any problem with the controller and motor within the warranty period of one year, we replace the entire cycle. So, we don’t need to do anything different to provide technical support to our channel partners.

The company commenced its operations in the country in August 2020 and completed its first financial year with a turnover of 35 lakhs. Prashant believes that if the situation remains normal then the company can touch sales of 8 to 10 crores. “We are also selling online and building up the bandwidth to meet the target,” he says. The company will also start shipping its e-cycles to South Africa within a month.

The company is also expanding its factory in Delhi to increase production from 400 units per month to 1,000-1,500 units by the end of the current financial year.

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