6 by 6 room, barefoot travel and car dream made engineer in the same car company, people got emotional after reading the story on LinkedIn

6 by 6 room, barefoot travel and car dream made engineer in the same car company, people got emotional after reading the story on LinkedIn

People are increasingly sharing Bhavesh’s story on LinkedIn and are also commenting on it. About 58 thousand likes and 2,400 comments have come on his emotional post.

Bhavesh Lohar Inspiring Story

Dreaming and fulfilling it are two different things and for those dreams to travel a long way barefoot, studying in 6 by 6 room and giving interview is even bigger thing. Bhavesh Lohar of Udaipur has done something similar. He has got a job in the well-known automaker Ford Motor Company on his own and is now working as a software engineer.

Sharing the story of his struggle on LinkedIn, Bhavshe told that he used to walk barefoot on the highway to school and discuss with his friends which car he would buy when he became a big man and at that time He saw the advertisement of Ford Figo in the local newspaper, after which he started dreaming of buying it and today he is working as a software engineer in Ford Motor Company.

Interview given in 6 by 6 room

Bhavesh further writes that due to Corona, he had to leave college under compulsion and come to his home. He told that there were 7 members in his family and everyone had to live in one room, so he made a room to study. Bhavesh said that he kept giving him interviews of the biggest company by sitting in the room of 6 by 6 and then he got selected in Ford.

mother worked as a maid

Bhavesh, who works as a software engineer, further wrote in his post that he has reached this stage because of his sisters and mother, who bypassed their dreams and took up jobs and raised the family. He told that his mother worked as a maid in people’s homes to teach him because his father was not able to do it with a salary of 7-8 thousand rupees.

Made this promise to mother

Bhavesh further writes that he had promised his mother in childhood that when he starts earning money, he will not need to work and he will give every happiness to his mother. He had to leave the college society to fund his studies. Bhavesh further said that I feel lucky to get all these struggles in my life as they have made me tough enough to face every situation in my life. You can read his post here (https://www.linkedin.com/posts/bhavesh-lohar-37b883176_gratitude-work-softwareengineer-activity-6824034555129921536-578H).

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