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Around 2300 rupees has become cheaper in four days, gold, silver comes in 3900

– Gold and Silver price fell for the fourth consecutive day, gold reached 51 thousand level
– Silver prices rise marginally, pressure on Gold Silver price in overseas markets as well

new Delhi. In the last four days, there is a pressure in gold and silver price from foreign markets to domestic markets. Where gold (Gold Rate Today) has become cheaper by Rs 2300 per ten grams. While the silver price has fallen by about Rs 3900 per kg. At the same time, there is pressure on the price of gold and silver in foreign markets. In fact, updates on the Corona vaccine are creating confidence in investors, in such a situation, they are investing in equity markets instead of gold. This is the reason why there is a period of decline in the price of gold and silver.

Gold and silver prices in foreign markets

First of all, the pressure on the price of gold and silver continues in foreign markets. Gold is trading at around $ 7 an ons weakness on Comex with a fall of $ 1940 an ons. On the other hand, when talking about the price of silver, it is trading at a flat level at $ 27.29 an ons. In London, gold is trading at around 1469 pounds per ounce, falling by about 5 pounds per onus. At the same time, the price of silver is trading flat at 20.54.

Gold and silver prices in domestic markets

First of all, in the futures market, gold is trading at Rs 51,838 per ten grams, falling by Rs 313 per ten grams at 3.15 pm. Whereas today gold opened marginally by 10 rupees to 52160 rupees per ten grams. Talking about silver, at 3.15 pm, silver is trading at Rs. 67,650 per kg with a slight rise of Rs. 55. Whereas today silver opened with a gain of about one thousand per kilogram.

How much gold has become cheaper in four days?

Talking about the last four days, there has been a big fall in the price of gold. If you look at the futures market MCX data, the highest level of gold on August 18 was Rs 53,999 per ten grams. Whereas today, on August 21, gold fell by Rs 51,704 in the trading session. If the difference between these two is seen then 2295 has been seen. That is, gold has become cheaper by Rs 2300 per ten grams during this period. On the other hand, on August 18, the highest level was seen at Rs 71,350 per kg. Whereas today silver went to the level of Rs 67,450 per kg. That is, the price of silver has become cheaper by Rs 3900 for ten days.

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