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Amazon is now giving golden opportunity to earn millions of rupees every month in its own city, how to register

In the last few years, the online shopping market is very much in trend. People sit at home and buy goods of their choice at their home through these online websites. Shopping websites benefit greatly from this. But now this online website does not just want to expand its business online but also wants to double its income by starting it offline. Yes, we talked to Amazon, this website has decided to open its Easy Store. That any person now can open an Easy Store in his own city by associating with Amazon. Which will benefit the company as well as the people who open the store? This store will be called Amazon Easy Store, for this, the beneficiary will have to register. Read the complete article to know how you can do this business.

What is amazon easy store?

Amazon Easy Store will be like other stores like Grocery Store, General Store, Mobile Store etc. Its special thing will be that the person opening this store will not have to buy and sell goods. Rather, they will be provided with goods by Amazon, which will sell that person a commission of up to 12% per product.

Work of amazon easy store

The task of Amazon Easy Store is to make available their favourite products to the customers in their city, that too by placing offline orders. Actually, customers will come to your store, there you will show them online products with the help of a computer, which is available on Amazon’s website.

After this, when they place an order for any of them. So you have to order them and give it to them. It can be understood in such a way that till now people used to buy goods by ordering in its online website. But now you can buy it by going to Amazon’s store and placing an order. The reason behind setting such a business module is that Amazon, which has the habit of going to the market and buying goods, should help them. That’s why Amazon has set such a goal to open Amazon Easy stores in every city of the country.

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Advantages of opening amazon easy store

Today, Amazon has become a very big brand, that now various big and small businessmen want to join it and increase their business. If you are happy with Amazon, then you can open your shop with it. This will not cause any trouble to the customers, they will not have to pay for calling the customers. Customers will come on their own. After opening Amazon Easy Store, it can also get you the job of Amazon Delivery Boy.

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Eligibility criteria to open Amazon Easy Store

  • For this, it is most important that anyone between 20 and 45 years of age can do this business.
  • After that the person should be read and written, at least 12th pass must be there.
  • This business has the most marketing, so a person should have all the knowledge about marketing.
  • Apart from this, they should also have technical knowledge. Like they should come to operate computers or laptops as well as how they order online products and how they should be returned, etc. Everything should come to them.
  • They must have at least 200 square feet of space to open Amazon Easy Store.
  • People opening the Amazon Easy Store will have to open the store on the ground floor.
  • Amazon Easy Store should be opened in a place where there are sheep because only then more and more people will be able to come to your shop.

Amazon Easy Store Availability

So far, Amazon Easy Store has been allowed to open only in the southern states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka, soon it will start in the whole of India. For this, the guideline keeps coming from time to time, which you will have to keep checking because the first cum first serve means that the first-served concept has been implemented.

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How to apply to open Amazon Easy Store?

  • You need to apply for Amazon Easy Store Official website Will go in
  • From here you will see a button ‘Register Now’ in front of you, you have to click it.
  • After this, on the next page, you will be asked some information, you will have to give that information. Although this information will be some basic information only. This will be the application form to register in it.
  • After filling it, finally, you have to complete the registration process by submitting this registration form by clicking on the submit button.
  • After filling the registration form all the information will be verified by Amazon and after 3 days you will be contacted and you will be given all the information related to opening the store.

Benefits of opening Amazon Easy Store

With this, the beneficiaries can open their own shop in their city in which the goods will not be bought but will be given for sale. And after selling, his commission will also be paid. With this, the beneficiaries can earn enough money by starting their own business. The option of making money by connecting with Amazon can prove to be better for them.

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Amazon Easy Store Marketing

Amazon Easy Store has started in your city, you will have to do some marketing for it to inform people. Only then will more and more customers come to your store, and you will benefit from it.

So in this way you can open a shop in your own city, for which you do not have to invest too much. And the money will also be earned in a good way.

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