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81 employees of Amreek Sukhdev Dhaba and Garam Dharam Corona positive, approx.


  • 71 employees of Amreek Sukhdev Dhaba and 10 employees of Garam Dharam are Corona positive
  • More than 10 thousand people come to these Dhabas from 6 states every day to eat, increased corona crisis

There have been 71 Corona positive cases at Sukhdev Dhaba and 10 at Garam Dharam Dhaba. After which the administration has come into action. Now the biggest challenge before the administration is that those people who came to eat food in these Dhabas in the past and how do they get in touch with those employees? Identifying such people for the administration also seems to be terse. Let us tell you that in these two Dhabas, more than 10,000 people come from six states including Haryana, Himachal, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Punjab to eat food. In such a situation, there may be an increase in the number of corona positive cases in these six states.

Both sealed Dhabas

Speaking to the media, SDM Vijay Singh said that 71 workers working at Sukhdev Dhaba have come to Corona positive. Sampling of 319 employees was arranged by the administration. The process of sanitization is in progress. All employees found positive are placed in isolation. He said that after the cases in these Dhabas, sampling is now being done in all the Dhabas. The rules of all the Ministry of Home Affairs have been asked to follow.

Workers were called from Bihar

In a media report, Dhaba Director Amrik Singh told that his employees had gone to the village during the lockdown. About 4 days ago, 100 workers were called from Bihar via buses. Whose information was given to the administration and also asked for corona investigation. Only after which all the cases have come out. According to media reports, there are five big Dhabas on the Delhi-Panipat highway from Kondli border to Murthal, with daily sales up to five lakh. At the same time, there are 18 medium level Dhabas, whose sales range from 2.5 to 3 lakh. Apart from this, there are 60 small Dhabas where trucks or other rides stop. Their income is up to 30 thousand.

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