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7 Tips for A Successful Social Media Marketing of Your Business

Just started a new business? Well, all the best to you!

Now here comes the excitement and hard work of promoting your business. You will need to be here and there, everywhere to promote your business on social media marketing platforms within a few weeks. What would you then?

Social media marketing may look simple and easy, but there is a lot of hard work, planning and thinking beyond the limits involved to make the most out of it. Companies have dedicated social media marketing teams to handle the promotion and lead generation through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and linked in, etc.

No need to get overwhelmed. Here are the top 7 tips for a successful social media marketing strategy for your business.

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1. Find Your Target Audience

The first and the most important part of your social media marketing strategy should be developing a target audience that is going to be your potential customers. You need to target the right group for marketing efforts on social media. Find who your ideal customers are, what is their age, location and other demographics are, and note down everything before you just hop on to the post.

You can divide gender and age groups as per different social media channels. For example, women mostly use Instagram and people older than 60 prefer Facebook and Pinterest.

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2. See What Competitors are Doing

Before getting started on the post design, keep an eye on the most popular social media accounts of your competitors, and see how they are promoting the product or services via different platforms. Shortlist the top 3 to 5 social media channels, where you would be interacting with your audience. Your competitors can help you decide how and when to post for the maximum reach.

3. Interact With Your Audience

When you try to offer solutions interactively, it can make a huge impact on your social media results. You can build a brand image that cares for its customers. But without engagement, you will only get views and reach on every post. Create posts, that not only focus on resolving issues related to your products but when a user reacts, you are there to revert with complete warmth and interest. Get a dedicated resource to handle all your social media channels, and make the most out of every comment and feedback. The more you engage them, the more valuable your business becomes.

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4. Be Consistent

Another key aspect of a successful social media marketing of startups is to be active and get visibility. Social media popularity depends on how consistence and active you are as this shows your commitment towards your loyal followers. If you fail to provide the information, you will start losing the connections and traffic coming onto your posts.

For this, make sure you have scheduled a monthly calendar of social media posts that covers all the festivals and promotional posts to keep your audience engaged.

5. Take Negative Feedback Positively

Most people think that negative feedback will affect the business reputation so, they either just delete or avoid it. That is what you need to stop doing right now!

Negative feedback or complaints mean that some of your customers are having points that you cannot deny. These negative feedback can help you improve your brand and services for better results. Thus, you must respond to such feedback by providing them a reasonable answer or a customer support number so that they can clear their doubts and reconsider your efforts.

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6. Focus on Graphics

The visuality of your social media posts matters the most. Platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are preferred for picture and video sharing. So, you need a skilled graphic designer who can create amazing graphics and short videos for your brand that goes with the content, you are sharing along. A unique graphic or promotional banner can attract users to explore your account or website, and who knows, they might want to purchase your product?

7. Conduct a Monthly Review of Result

To avoid all the loopholes in your social media marketing, you need to set some goals every month and measure if you are reaching there. Evaluate which of the posts are getting engagement, and which are clutter that needs to be withdrawn the next time.

Calculate and compare the number of followers, shares, and clicks so that you can get better and draw more visitors with high-value content.

Apart from all these points, you can purchase a tool with a set of goals to achieve every month to help you. Leverage the best of social media platforms for your business, and you will surely get ROI-positive results.

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